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Why choose a personal chef?For hotels and restaurants as well as your home

In my capacity as personal chef I work as a contractor for you. Ideal for peak-work-times and bottlenecks as well as special events.

Your advantages are obvious

  • precise manpower planning
  • manageable costs
  • accurate calculation
  • no continued pay when sick or on vacation

You are working with a full professional which has been cooking in various kitchens of this work and can cope with new surroundings quickly. I will work according to your specifications and will support your crew actively. Relieve your crew and limit overtime by falling back on me. Tired and unmotivated staff can’t deliver 100 percent performance. Book me as personal chef for a temporary replcament of your chef and secure consistent quality. Maybe your kitchen team lacks some new ideas? Here is were I come into play!

I can also help you create your menu and your restaurant concept. There is alot that speaks in favor of a personal chef!

Cook at your private home?Not a problem for me!

You can book me for up to 12 people for a wonderful party at your place with friends, at the chef’s table in my culinary school, for business dinners, at trade shows or simply for an exclusive dinner for two.

I will take care of everything, such as shopping, proper ambience, wine etc. after consulting with you.

It’s also possible to organise a major event.


Client-specific requests? Culture, religion, sport - the possibilities are endless.

The preparation of food according to cultural and religious requests of the customer with appropriate selection of groceries.

I can also help you with vegetarian and sport-specific diets, as well as food-intolerances or allergies. Just write me an email.

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