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Cooking with passion and enthusiasmFor respectful use of groceries

Passion is why I cook, catering is my home.

Wether you work together for 8 or 20 hours, team play as such is nowhere else to find but in catering. This is what always excited me, in addition it brings me joy to delight people with cooked food and to bring them together, because good food connects people.

Because of my self-employment I was able to pass on my knowledge through countless cooking classes. It brings alot of pleasure cooking with guests, to teach them something about the respective groceries and to show them how much fun it can be to have a healthy diet, completely convenience-free.

What is very important to me when cooking, is resect towards groceries. Sustainability is our future and there is nothing worse then to let groceries go bad or even throwing them away.

I am looking forward to getting to know you, whether it be at your home, at a cooking class, in your hotel/restaurant or as an event chef at your fair.